More Bad News for Writers

I ran across this in the New Yorker from George Packer: “Without sufficient advances, many writers will not be able to undertake long, difficult, risky projects. Those who do so anyway will have to expend a lot of effort mastering the art of blowing their own horn. ‘Writing is being outsourced, because the only people […]

New Year’s Resolution: Submit Your Work!

Writers, if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to get your stories/poems/essays out there to a wider audience – to get published – I’d like to help you with that. Below are a few sites that offer contests and paying markets for you to send your work to: FundsforWriters Contest listing. Hope Clark’s site is […]

Taste: The Neglected Sense

A great article on writing with the five senses on the Writer’s Relief blog gave me a much-needed prod: I have been neglecting one of the best senses in my writing! My mystery novel, set in the Arkansas Ozarks, features several scenes with characters eating and drinking; I’d fleshed out the sights, sounds, and smells, […]

Is Iceland Heaven for Writers?

When I traveled to Ireland in 2007, I thought I had arrived in the most literary country on Earth. Irish novelists, poets and playwrights were widely celebrated and honored; there were numerous tours to the homes and haunts of these famous writers. As it turns out, I may have been off by a letter… and […]

Books That Should Be on Every Writer’s Shelf

I write and teach others how to write, so I have the pleasure/pain of reading and working with lots of books about writing. Recently, my mom asked me a seemingly simple question: “What books do you recommend to learn about writing?” Alas, my brain circuits fried: there are so many! Where to begin? However, now […]

News Flash: Employers Want Grads Who Can Read, Write

As a Comp I professor, I am regularly surprised and disheartened every semester by the quality of writing I get from my students. These are high-school graduates who scored high enough on a placement test to enter freshman English, and yet, I would estimate at least 25 percent of them use words like “thru” and […]

Great Writer Networking Tool

Hello friends and fellow writers, I apologize for the lack of posts lately – I’ve been embroiled in separate writing projects that have taken all my time and energy. But fear not: I haven’t forgotten Nerdy Words Blog! I ran across this on the incredibly awesome GalleyCat blog (check the tab for Writer Resources – […]

Random Round-Up

Just a sampling of cool writing-related news from around the Web: The Bank of England is putting Jane Austen’s image on its £10 note. Before you start congratulating the UK for being so much more cultured and sophisticated than the U.S., know that the bank only did so after being taken to task over its […]

Got Writer’s Block? Turn Down the Lights.

Inc. has a fascinating story that could help blocked writers everywhere. It seems two German researchers discovered being in dimmer lighting promotes “risky, more explorative [sic] behavior, leading to creativity.” Most of us already knew that, on some level. Other research has shown dimmer lighting to be more relaxing, and we know how important relaxation […]