Questioning Conventional Wisdom Re: Platforms

Hello, dear readers, and welcome back to Nerdy Words. I’ve been seeing a lot – that is, A LOT – of advice to new and aspiring writers urging them to create a “platform” by posting regularly to not just one, but at least three, different forms of social media. The reasoning is by posting content […]

The Future is the Past: Twittertape

┬áVia the BBC: Web developer Adam Vaughan has created a post-modern “tickertape” machine that prints tweets. He said he built it from scratch, using salvaged parts. The actual printing is done inside a hidden base using a thermal printer and micro-controller. He said that when he ran his idea past friends and family, it. Now, […]

The Danger of “Digital Decay”

Matthew Ingram on GigaOm has an excellent post on what’s been called “digital decay,” citing a study showing that as time goes on, substantial amounts of digital data (websites, tweets, etc.) are simply lost. While there is certainly the consideration that not all information needs to be archived – see any random Facebook user’s wall […]