News Flash: Outlook Dismal for New Authors

Sorry to be Capt. Bringdown today, but I found a few articles that shed light on some ugly truths about the publishing industry. First, and not exactly breaking news: it is extremely hard for new writers to find agents and publishers. However, when celebrities like Rush Limbaugh can get their children’s books published, it’s a […]

Another News Flash: Writers (Still) Don’t Make Much Money

Salon has a great article by Patrick Wensink bemoaning the vast difference between what being an “Amazon bestseller” ought to be vs. what it actually is. His book is published by a small press, and he made it to Amazon’s bestseller list with “somewhere around 4,000 copies sold.” For that, he earned $12,000. It’s important […]

News Flash: Writers Don’t Make Much Money

This post on GalleyCat paints a sobering reality: most genre novelists don’t earn enough money to live on. Horror writer David Keene writes that most advances for first-time novels are between $2,500 and $10,000. And you won’t see any royalties until a year after your book is published. Mark Lawrence and Jim C. Hines, the […]