Print is Dead; Long Live Print!

“Print is dead; if they want to stay alive, magazines must go digital.” So goes the conventional wisdom. Indeed, printing and mailing full-color, glossy magazines is an expensive proposition, and ad revenues (which fund the printing and mailing) have been dropping like stones for years now. So, harkened by the rise in tablet and e-reader […]

“Snark” vs. “Smarm”

This piece on Politico delighted me to no end. To summarize: BuzzFeed’s new book editor, Isaac Fitzgerald, said that he wouldn’t post any negative reviews on the site. This sparked a controversy among several prominent writers and intellectuals over the merits of only-positive writing vs. critical writing, with the former being labeled “smarm” and the […]

What’s Up With Friday the 13th?

I’ve always been curious about why Friday the 13th has gotten such a bad rap. According to The Telegraph, the U.S. loses some $800 – $900 mil. every Friday the 13th because so many people won’t fly or do business on that day. There is even a real mental disorder – paraskavidekatriaphobia – caused by […]

Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, On Schedule

Tim Goessling on The Good Men Project recently posted about his experiences trying to live and work on the schedule Benjamin Franklin laid out in his 1791 autobiography. I’ve always admired Ben Franklin, the writer, publisher, inventor, philosopher, revolutionary, and, especially, the humorist. Therefore, I feel I could learn something from livingĀ  and working as […]

Can “Hunger Games” Change the World?

Some novels have the power to spark the collective imagination, resulting in sweeping societal changes, for example, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” “The Jungle,” “1984” and …”The Hunger Games”? Maybe. Besides setting off a trend of girls getting into archery (perhaps along with “Brave’s” Princess Merida), the “3-finger salute” has been popping up a lot lately. The […]

Taste: The Neglected Sense

A great article on writing with the five senses on the Writer’s Relief blog gave me a much-needed prod: I have been neglecting one of the best senses in my writing! My mystery novel, set in the Arkansas Ozarks, features several scenes with characters eating and drinking; I’d fleshed out the sights, sounds, and smells, […]

Is Iceland Heaven for Writers?

When I traveled to Ireland in 2007, I thought I had arrived in the most literary country on Earth. Irish novelists, poets and playwrights were widely celebrated and honored; there were numerous tours to the homes and haunts of these famous writers. As it turns out, I may have been off by a letter… and […]