Tools to Help You Meet Your Writing Goals

As we head into the sturm und drang of the holiday season, hopefully some of you will find some time to work on that novel, chapbook or collection of essays that’s been sitting on your computer’s hard drive for far too long. In the spirit of sharing, here are some tools that can help you get started, reach your goals and clean up your prose:

  • NaNoWriMo 30-Day Challenge: a prompt a day to get your creative juices flowing
  • Imagination prompt: Creativity Portal features a random prompt generator that features questions like, “What changes do you wish to make in the next five years?” and ” Money, fame, or happiness? Are they mutually exclusive?” designed to make you think about your goals and ambitions.
  • Soul Pancake’s writing prompts: A quirky collection of writing prompts that will get you pondering things you’ve never thought about before. BTW, the SoulPancake site is pretty cool, too.
  • 750 words app: This is a fun site designed to help writers reach a goal of 750 words per day. You can earn “badges” (the cyberspace equivalent of stickers) for writing consistently and productively.
  • Cliche finder: Very easy-to-use tool to weed out those nasty things. Simply paste your text into the screen, hit “Find Cliches,” and the tool will put the offending words and phrases in red.

Happy writing!


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