Random Round-Up

Just a sampling of cool writing-related news from around the Web: The Bank of England is putting Jane Austen’s image on its £10 note. Before you start congratulating the UK for being so much more cultured and sophisticated than the U.S., know that the bank only did so after being taken to task over its […]

Tuesday’s Tips: Possessives

When we want to express that something belongs to, or is associated with, something else, we use an apostrophe followed by the letter “s” to express that. For example: The cat’s toy America’s future Note that the nouns doing the possessing above are both singular. When we make the noun plural by adding “s,” or […]

Tuesday’s Tips: Fewer or Less Than?

Some writers are confused about when to use “fewer” rather than “less than.” They aren’t interchangeable! Here’s the simple rule: Fewer is used when referring to something that can be counted: There are fewer students in my class this semester. Dr. Smith gave fewer assignments than Dr. Brown. Students and assignments are discrete things, which […]

Barnes & Noble to Bite the Dust?

This article in Publishers Weekly seems to think so. According to PW, all the signs are there that Barnes & Noble is gearing down for a “crash landing,” and author Jason Illian has plenty of advice for the book behemoth. Unfortunately, it’s all along the lines of what every last-minute restructuring consultant says, essentially: be […]

Tuesday’s Tips: Freedom Isn’t For Free

In honor of the 4th of July, my tip this week has to do with the word “free.” Specifically, it’s about all the ways we abuse it, and how not to. “Free” is pretty self-explanatory. We often use unnecessary words before or after it. So clean up your writing by eliminating these words: For free. […]

Got Writer’s Block? Turn Down the Lights.

Inc. has a fascinating story that could help blocked writers everywhere. It seems two German researchers discovered being in dimmer lighting promotes “risky, more explorative [sic] behavior, leading to creativity.” Most of us already knew that, on some level. Other research has shown dimmer lighting to be more relaxing, and we know how important relaxation […]