If I Can’t Be a Good Example…

then let me be a dire warning, or so the saying goes. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve completed my memoir, Mountain Witch, and gone through two rounds of professional edits. Feeling satisfied that it’s ready, I’ve begun diligently querying agents.

I also thought that I could approach authors of similar works about reading and providing blurbs about it. I figured if I had a few respected, published authors saying nice things about the book, it would generate more interest with agents.

Well, that was jumping the gun. As author Stacy Pershall (Loud in the House of Myself) says, “Agents aren’t looking for blurbs, they’re just looking for strong writing. (And a chapter-by-chapter outline, and a 10,000 word overview.)”

Oops! Well, lesson learned: agent first, then publisher, then blurbs! (and thank you to Stacy for providing me with this much-needed feedback).


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