In response to “Gay YA and Me: A Love Story”

Kindred spirit and literary agent Linda Epstein has a great post about why she’s passionate about LGBTQ issues, despite not being L,G,B,T or Q, here: Gay YA and Me: A Love Story. I wanted desperately to comment, but for some reason could not find a button or link to allow me to do so. Therefore, I’m doing it here, in the hopes she’ll follow the pingback and read the rest of this post.

Ms. Epstein, I completely related to your story of growing up in the 70s (although my coming-of-age happened in the 80s), unabashedly liberal and feminist. While I’m not gay or transgendered, my sister is (as is one of our aunts). However, I didn’t have the luxury of growing up in New York. I grew up in what may as well be the opposite side of the world from New York: rural Arkansas.

And as if just being a liberal wasn’t bad enough, I took that left-wing, feminist view and turned it onto religion, and ended up a Witch. You think being gay is hard? Try being a non-Christian – a Witch! – in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

That’s why I wrote my memoir, Mountain Witch, which I just queried you about. I know I’m engaging in shameless self-promotion here, but please bear with me. There are many closets people hide in, but the reason is the same: the intolerance and fear of others. I hope my story will lessen that fear by showing what I really am, what Witches and Wiccans really are.


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