Taking “Tiger, Tiger” by the Tail

This is a difficult review to write, because “Tiger, Tiger” by Margaux Fragoso was difficult to read. This is a book about Fragoso’s 14-year relationship with a pedophile named Peter, beginning at age 7 (he’s 51) until his suicide when she’s 22 – so the majority of her childhood and adolescence. The subject matter alone […]

Tuesday’s Tips: Plurals and Possessives

A lot of people confuse plurals and possessives in their writing, using apostrophes incorrectly. Here’s how it works: When you want to express that there is more than one of something, you use the plural form of the noun (e.g., two keys, three elephants, a roomful of Williamses). Usually, this is done by adding s […]

Another News Flash: Writers (Still) Don’t Make Much Money

Salon has a great article by Patrick Wensink bemoaning the vast difference between what being an “Amazon bestseller” ought to be vs. what it actually is. His book is published by a small press, and he made it to Amazon’s bestseller list with “somewhere around 4,000 copies sold.” For that, he earned $12,000. It’s important […]

Book Review: “Back to Our Future”

I’m a big fan of David Sirota, and when I saw “Back to Our Future: How the 1980s Explain the World We Live in Now – Our Culture, Our Politics, Our Everything,” I practically squealed. OK, I did squeal. I have been saying this for years, and when someone as smart as Sirota writes a […]

Tuesday’s Tips: It’s All Greek to Me

Another language we’ve borrowed from is Greek, mostly in the fields of science and academia. What is most confusing about Greek words is their plurals. For example, most people don’t realize that “data” is actually plural. The singular is “datum.” So we should say, “The data suggest …” instead of “The data suggests …” Another […]

Vatican Font Flap

UnBeige wins for what might be the funniest font-related post ever: the Vatican released a commemorative e-book about Pope Benedict XVI … written in Comic Sans font. Yes, the same font used by amateur web-comic creators and elementary school fundraisers. I’d like to know who was in charge of design for this project, which now […]

News Flash: Literary World Ignores Women

A great little article in HuffPo points out something that, for most serious female writers, isn’t exactly news: “publications like the New York Review of Books, the New Yorker, Harper’s, and the London Review of Books published significantly fewer articles by women in 2012.” This was based on a VIDA study, which also concluded that […]

Tuesday’s Tips: A Little Latin Lesson

English is such a mongrel language; starting from a Germanic root, we’ve added on words from nearly every branch on the language tree. These additions can be confusing for English speakers, native or not. Some of the earliest adoptions into English are Latin words, usually used within the fields of science, law, and academia. Latin, […]

Book Review: “Loud in the House of Myself”

The subtitle of this book by Stacy Pershall is “Memoir of a Strange Girl.” Hey, I think, I’m a strange girl. I open the cover and the inside flap of the dust cover reads: “Stacy Pershall grew up as an overly intelligent, depressed, deeply strange girl in Prairie Grove, Arkansas…” Holy shit! Prairie Grove is […]