J.D. Salinger Bio Out Soon

According to the LA Times, a new biography of J.D. Salinger is due out in September, along with a documentary to air on PBS.

I find this interesting as an example of how different things are now. Back in Salinger’s day, a writer could, you know, write, and leave the marketing to the business-types. That he could be a successful author without doing interviews, book tours, or networking seems as surreal as writing without electricity. Nowadays, it’s not enough just to write a good book (as if that were easy). Writers also have to have a detailed marketing plan including how they will use Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other annoying networking app the teenagers are flocking to. We have to be writers and marketers and social-media-ists.

What ever happened to just being a good writer? Maybe the answer died along with Salinger.


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