One Step Closer to Publication

Yesterday, Dec. 18, I finished the revisions to my memoir, far ahead of schedule. I’m happy and relieved and a little disoriented: what do I do now?

Well, I work my way through my checklist to publication. First, I send my revised manuscript back to my editor/manuscript coach, Gabrielle Idlet, for a final polishing. She warned me that she wouldn’t be able to get to it until late January, so I know I’ve got over a month before I can even begin final editing. What do I do in the meantime? I work on my pitching materials: query letter, synopsis & outline, and marketing plan. It’s not exactly fun, but if I’m serious about getting published, it’s mandatory.

Next, I work on my query letter. Nathan Bransford has a good post on how to write one, and GalleyCat has a list of good examples of query letters for different genres.

My work is cut out for me.



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