New Year’s Resolutions

Now is the time when people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions: losing weight, changing careers, learning a new skill. Writers are no exception. But don’t forget that the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions fail miserably. I think this is because we set the bar too high, creating unrealistic expectations. If your resolution […]

Why I Don’t Like “Julie & Julia”

I saw “Julie & Julia” in the theatres when it came out in 2009. It was a strange sensation: I absolutely loved the parts about Julia Child and thought Meryl Streep just knocked it out of the ballpark. However, the parts about Julie Powell, whose blog-then-book the movie was based on, left me less than […]

Self-Publishers: Avoid Fatal Mistakes

Nancy L. Baumann, aka “The Book Professor,” has a great article on her website: “Ten Fatal Mistakes Made by Self-Publishing Authors.” It’s a bit of a misnomer because even authors who aren’t self-publishing commonly make these mistakes. I insist that you go there, right now, and read it. OK, now that you’ve read it, I’d […]