Good News: Technical Writing in the Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs

It may not be glamorous, or popular, or even very creative, but technical writing can indeed be a lucrative choice for freelancers: Forbes Magazine places it in the top ten “Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere.” Most of the other jobs were, unsurprisingly, in the medical field.

Author Jenna Goudreau touches on what appears to be the changing trend in how work is done – that is, from anywhere: “‘Younger workers don’t want to limit themselves to commuting and cubes,’ says Michael Haaren, cofounder and CEO of jobs website Rat Race Rebellion and coauthor of Work at Home Now. ‘Several trends support the prediction that working from anywhere will soon be the new norm.’” According to Goudreau, many big companies are “ramping up their hiring of anywhere workers” because it widens the applicant pool, saves real-estate costs, and reduces turnover: “employees become ironically loyal when offered their freedom,” Goudreau says.

They’re also more productive. My theory is that, especially among creative types like writers, being cooped up in offices and cubicles is stressful and disheartening, which plays havoc with our ability to be creative and productive. By being free to choose our surroundings (and clothing), we can concentrate on better on the task at hand. See my post on coffeeshop writing.

It’s also a boon to anyone with a family. Being able to telecommute often means a certain degree of flexibility with your work hours, which is the one thing working American parents so desperately need.

Well, I’ve wandered pretty far afield from technical writing, but my point is this: being able to write, and write on demand, is a valuable skill, and it seems to be getting even more valuable.


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