On Writing in Public Places

We’ve all done it, or seen it, or both: the solitary writer ensconced at a table at Starbucks or other coffeeshop, nursing a latte, typing sporadically on his or her laptop, oblivious to the world outside that screen. That lone writer is the subject of much derision: “Look at me, I’m a writer!” comedians mock, like we do this to show off.

What non-writers just don’t understand is that sometimes, you just need to get out of the house. Maybe your boyfriend has an annoying game on the TV. Maybe your roommates are being loud. Maybe you can’t get a single minute’s peace from your neighbors and family members popping by. Or maybe you just need to get out of those four walls, get some fresh air, and be around other human beings (who will leave you alone), to recharge the batteries and get the gears unstuck. Many writers find that, for several reasons, working in coffeeshops makes them more productive.

Then again, maybe you just wanted a frappuccino.


2 thoughts on “On Writing in Public Places

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