Clash of the Titans: B&N v. Amazon

The War of the Behemoth Booksellers has begun.

From Publishers Weekly: “Barnes & Noble has told any of its stores that have stocked Penny Marshall’s ‘My Mother Was Nuts’ to remove the book from shelves.” Apparently, some of its outlets were unaware of B&N’s policy of not stocking any titles that are available through According to paidContent, B&N did the same with Jessica Valenti’s “Why Have Kids?”

I’m not a big fan of either of these giants; like any mega-retailer, they tend to squeeze out smaller, local competition, which inevitably leads to a more restricted, homogeneous market everywhere. Regardless, I just don’t understand B&N’s policy. By refusing to carry any title listed on Amazon, they are forcing authors and publishers to choose between them – and no-one wants to do that. We authors deserve to be able to sell our “product” at every outlet available. And, by turning away the sizable number of books listed on Amazon, B&N is in danger of letting Amazon corner the market. It just doesn’t make sense.



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