Happy Halloween: An Open Letter to Poe

Even though he died on Oct. 7,  for me, Halloween will always be associated with Edgar Allan Poe. The following letter emerged from a SoulPancake writing prompt, “Write an open letter to your (dead) writing hero.” Dear Mr. Poe, Arise from your moldering tomb and hear my words…You are not forgotten! Especially not on this […]

Find Cheap Editing on Craigslist

Jason Boog at GalleyCat proposes an interesting strategy for new writers: advertise in Craigslist for unemployed English Lit majors to critique your MS for $10-20. Matthew Mather, author of the self-published The Complete Atopia Chronicles, says that besides saving money, these grateful people “will probably become your biggest promoters and will be happy to write […]

Good News: Technical Writing in the Top 10 Best-Paying Jobs

It may not be glamorous, or popular, or even very creative, but technical writing can indeed be a lucrative choice for freelancers: Forbes Magazine places it in the top ten “Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere.” Most of the other jobs were, unsurprisingly, in the medical field. Author Jenna Goudreau touches on what appears […]

On Writing in Public Places

We’ve all done it, or seen it, or both: the solitary writer ensconced at a table at Starbucks or other coffeeshop, nursing a latte, typing sporadically on his or her laptop, oblivious to the world outside that screen. That lone writer is the subject of much derision: “Look at me, I’m a writer!” comedians mock, […]

News Flash: Writers are Mental

A Swedish study just confirmed what just about every writer already knows: writers and other creative people suffer mental disorders like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse much more than our non-creative counterparts; we’re almost twice as likely to commit suicide. The study doesn’t venture too much into causes; in science, correlation can’t be assumed to […]

Johnny Depp Launches Book Imprint

This has got to be the coolest news to come out of the publishing industry since Stephen King started a band (wait, was that nerdy or cool? I can’t tell the difference). According to the AP, Depp is launching an imprint called Infinitum Nihil, which can mean “nothing is forever” or “infinite nothing,” depending on […]

Tuesday’s Tips: Me, Myself, and I

Most people understand the basic rules governing the first-person pronoun: “I” is the subjective form of the pronoun, meaning it is used as the subject of sentences and phrases: I like to garden. “Me” is the objective form of the pronoun, meaning it is used as the object of sentences and phrases: Brad gave me his number. “Myself” is […]