Fake Reviews: Loads More Tacky

It was bad enough when R.J. Ellroy posted fake-user reviews aggrandizing his own books (and trashing his competitiors’), but now the power of fake (or at least unethical) reviews has grown exponentially: according to Patrick Coffee on PR Newser, a group of anti-circumcision activists flooded the Amazon page of best-selling book “Tinderbox” with bad reviews, sinking its average rating, despite not having actually read the book.

As reported by Coffee, Amazon can’t do anything because of its “hands-off” review policy. However, this is only the most recent in a pattern of unethical, if not outright fraudulent, use of this feature. What can be done about it? Should anything be done at all? It’s troubling, to say the least.


One thought on “Fake Reviews: Loads More Tacky

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