Who’s Driving Endeavor Through L.A.?

I’m fascinated with the journeys our decommissioned space shuttles have taken, and will take, to their permanent homes. Right now, Space Shuttle Endeavor is on its way to LAX, where it will wait in a hangar until it is transported via a specially-modified vehicle through the streets of L.A. to the California Science Center Oct. 12. Finding a route that would be wide enough to accommodate the huge thing, as well as not being too steep, was a phenomenal task. Read about how it was planned here.

What I’d love to read is a piece about whoever will actually be behind the wheel for this once-ever event. Can you imagine the pressure the driver must be under? How was he or she selected? What are his or her thoughts about being, literally, where the rubber hits the road for this nearly $2 billion shuttle? “Ice Road Truckers” has nothing on this guy (or gal)!

Alas, there’s no way I could hop on a plane and get to L.A. to interview this person, even if I could dig up his or her name and contact info. This is yet another drawback to being a freelance writer stuck in the middle of nowhere: nothing ever happens here, and it costs too much to go to where things do happen.

Maybe there is someone else who could write this story. I’d love to read it!


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