Are You a Promiscuous Reader?

Mark O’Connell has an interesting post in his New York Times blog, Page-Turner, where he confesses, guiltily, to being a “promiscuous” reader. He admits to loving reading too much, of starting new books before finishing the ones he has started, and having a “precarious column of half-read paperbacks” on his nightstand.

I fear that, much like O’Connell, I’m promiscuous too. I’ve never had more than three books going at once; my average is two. To be fair, I usually do finish a book if it’s good. However, like O’Connell, if a book doesn’t grab me by the first couple of chapters, I’m out. Life’s too short to waste time reading bad books (unless I’m getting paid to review them).

What about you? Are you a monogamous, one-at-a-time reader? Or are you a literary swinger, in and out of relationships with several partners at once?


3 thoughts on “Are You a Promiscuous Reader?

  1. I prefer to read one book at a time. I like to give one book my entire attention before moving to the next one. =] However, my fiance and I read together sometimes… at which point I end up reading two books at the same time – one by myself, and the other with my fiance.


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