Thank You, Thank You: The Beautiful Blogger Award

It seems I’ve been given a Beautiful Blogger award by Paige Nolley! She has a great blog about her writing and self-publishing journey. The way the Beautiful Blogger Award operates is this: once you’ve been awarded one, you have to give five beautiful and interesting things about yourself and then give the award to five other blogs.

Five “beautiful and interesting” things about me:

1. I’m a moderately talented artist. For a while I did henna body art, and now I’m really into collage/assemblage art.

2. I also have a pretty well-developed intuition and read tarot cards.

3. I love animation, but not anime.

4. I love dance. I used to belly dance; now I just love watching dance performances (except, maybe, ballet). I once got front-row, center-stage tickets to Riverdance on opening night. That was the best show I’ve ever seen.

5. I love to travel. I’ve been to two other countries (Mexico and Ireland) and 17 other states (besides my home state).

Finally, the five blogs I think are beautiful enough to deserve this award:

Poetry in Motion: My sistah Starr Austin’s blog about writing and traveling.

Ghost Cities: Anil Balan’s tales of mystery and the supernatural around the world.

Acculturated: An excellent blog on pop culture by Emily Esfahani Smith.

Wind or Waterfall: About Australian Tessa’s travels around Europe. Beautiful photography!

Street Jazz: My good friend Richard Drake’s Arkansas Times blog about Fayetteville.



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