Welcome to the World of Nerdy Words

Welcome to Nerdy Words – like dirty words, but safe for work!

First, a little about me. My love affair with words started early: age 3. I started reading road signs and maps before I was in preschool, and it grew from there. Not long after I started reading magazines and books, I tried my hand at writing and found I loved putting words on paper almost as much as I loved reading them. Throughout my life, I’ve worked in almost every aspect of the world of books: designing pages, writing copy, stocking books in warehouses, selling them in bookstores, and, finally, reviewing them. I earned a BA and an MA in journalism; I occasionally publish freelance articles, and I teach journalism and English composition to community college students.

So why a Nerdy Words blog? To share my passion for words with other logo- and bibliophiles. I’ll share grammar and writing tips, book reviews, and noteworthy stuff about the print/publishing industry. I look forward to your feedback and questions, and I hope that my readers and I can learn from one another. Thanks for stopping by!


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